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SBA Empreenda assumes itself as an entity to support the entrepreneur through our services, aiming to foster, support and develop new projects, new ideas or business restructuring.

The context of action of the SBA Empreenda is directed to two specific axes: on the one hand continuous training; on the other hand, the domiciliation of companies and the provision of complementary services.

As a training, consulting and business development center, we have a dynamic and multidisciplinary team of specialized and qualified professionals with extensive experience in the areas of implementation and coordination of training actions, business consultancy and development of optimal solutions of great importance and differentiation for companies.


SBA Empreenda is a private institution whose mission is to make a valuable contribution to the encouragement, support and promotion of entrepreneurial initiatives.

In this regard, SBA Empreenda's area of activity extends not only to the training of entrepreneurs, but also to the fundamental strategic areas enshrined in the Lisbon Strategy, such as the enhancement of a business-friendly environment and institutional and administrative facilitation.

We believe that, combining quality, rigor and a sense of responsibility in our services, SBA Empreenda is an added value for society's recognition of the valuable role of the entrepreneur in the 21st century.


MissãoGive opportunity to all those who have business ideas, to carry them out with the minimum cost, in the right time and with the maximum quality.


In the entrepreneurial context, we consider entrepreneurs who, with enthusiasm, motivation, dedication and knowledge, have a special ability to innovate, create and implement their ideas in order to generate wealth and capital gains, not only for themselves but also for the society.

We believe that SBA Empreenda plays a fundamental role in the continuous monitoring of this constantly evolving process.

SBA Empreenda is governed by principles of high professionalism and social responsibility in all its actions. Creativity, constant innovation and assertiveness are values that we consider fundamental in the pursuit of our services, seeking to assure them to the entrepreneur with a view to competence and rigor.

For more information about the services and/or promotions,
Contact us by phone to: 21 145 27 80
or by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Us

We believe that all Business Ideas are good ideas, as long as they are well implemented, and in this implementation phase we have proven success in supporting the Entrepreneur!

General Contacts

Telephone: (+351) 21 145 27 80
Mobile Phone: (+351) 93 54 25 357

Rua Fialho de Almeida, nº14 - 2ºEsq.
1070-129 Avenidas Novas,
Lisbon, Portugal

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