Office Sharing - SBA Office CoWork

SBA Office CoWorkIdeal for Micro Companies, Libereal Professionals or Startups.

A very economical way to use an office and the various services available in the SBA Office Center, for only 125 euros / month!


Some of the Included Services:

  • Domicile of your company, activity or brand (commercial representation);
  • Reception of Clients / Suppliers from 9am to 8pm on a continuous schedule every business day;
  • Correspondence reception and daily notification via electronic mail;
  • Free monthly use of 5 hours of the Meeting Room;
  • Use of Executive Desk and Chair from 9am to 8pm;
  • Personal Archive Unit;
  • Right to take advantage of office and administrative services (extra-modality);.


Get to know our Office Sharing modes
- SBA Office CoWork -


    SBA Office Cowork - Modalidade A SBA Office Cowork - Modalidade B SBA Office Cowork - Modalidade C
  Address for Headquarters or Commercial Delegation Serviço Incluído Serviço Incluído Serviço Incluído
  Room size to share in CoWork 16 m2 12 m2 16 m2
  Open-Space Room Serviço Incluído    
  Room shared only by two people   Serviço Incluído Serviço Incluído
  Workspace (*5)  58 x 78cm
117 x 78cm  158 x 78cm
  File cabinet Serviço Incluído Serviço Incluído Serviço Incluído
  Internet access (wireless) Serviço Incluído Serviço Incluído Serviço Incluído
  Daily Notification of Postal mail (*1) Serviço Incluído Serviço Incluído Serviço Incluído
  Notification of Reception of customers /suppliers Serviço Incluído Serviço Incluído Serviço Incluído
  Forwarding and/or Scanning of Received Documents (*2)  Optional 30
  Exclusive Phone Number w / Personalized answering   Serviço Incluído Serviço Incluído
  Call forwarding (*4)     Serviço Incluído
  Fax Number (fax2mail) Geral
  Monthly Meeting Room Usage (*3) 6






Cowork sala 01 Cowork sala 02


Additional Information:

(*1) - The volume of orders is subject to the storage capacity of the SBA Office Center;
(*2) - With a prepayment of € 20 + VAT (the amount that will be charged as the re-routing / scanning takes place);
(*3) - Hours of use that can not be accumulated monthly. SBA Office Center Office Hours - Business days, from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. More hours of use of the meeting room can be purchased at 6 euros/hour+VAT.
(*4) - Monthly credit of 300 minutes for landline numbers and 180 minutes for mobile numbers.
(*5) - Workarea: 1 Table of the size stipulated above, 1 Executive Chair, 1 Table Lamp

For more information about the services and/or promotions,
Contact us by phone to: 21 145 27 80
or by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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We believe that all Business Ideas are good ideas, as long as they are well implemented, and in this implementation phase we have proven success in supporting the Entrepreneur!

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